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Dive into the success stories of industrial wash bay water reclaim systems being transformed by GreenEdge's BioJac™ technology.

Achieving up to 90% water reuse rates, we've tackled challenges from odor control to water quality, ensuring a constant supply of reusable water.

GreenEdge really has it figured out. They solved my wastewater issues with an efficient, affordable and sustainable system.

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Mitchell Cook
Lexus of Northborough
Northborough, MA
GreenEdge Technologies swiftly addressed Hillview Equipment's odor issues with a BioJac™ BR55 bioreactor, proving effective within three weeks.

Hillview Equipment

Location: Milford, MA

After investing in a new wash bay facility, the Operations Director, with a history of supporting innovative environmental systems, faced a critical setback. The in-ground tank water started emitting a strong odor within days, rendering it unusable. With operations relying on the steam bay's 12-hour service, a prompt solution was vital. Trust was also an issue after a failed initial system, making the task even more challenging.


  • Newly constructed wash bay had odor issues.
  • Water only lasted a few days.


  • Conducted a Bio-treatment Pilot Program.
  • Enhanced existing system with aeration and a BioJac™ BR55 bioreactor.
  • Proven effective within three weeks.
GreenEdge Technologies modernized JG Grant Scrap Metal's steam bay with the BioJac™ Water System, achieving efficient water reuse and oil remediation.

JG Grant Scrap Metal

Location: Readville, MA

At the heart of a bustling Boston scrap metal zero-discharge facility, the outdated steam bay was a glaring issue. Faced with the dilemma of astronomical costs for evaporator replacements, the team sought a solution that not only fixed the current issues but also propelled the facility towards a more sustainable future.


  • Outdated steam bay in a high-traffic, zero-discharge facility.
  • Existing evaporator in poor condition; replacement cost very high.


  • Recommended pad upgrades.
  • Introduced BioJac™ Water System to replace old evaporator.
  • System reclaims and stores 1,500 gallons of pre-wash water for reuse.
  • Oils remediated, rendering the system non-hazardous.
GreenEdge Technologies equipped LEI Landscape Corp with a BioJac™ BR55 unit, ensuring efficient and odor-free water for their vast fleet.

LEI Landscape Corp

Location: Boylston, MA

A large landscape company, with hundreds of fleet vehicles and equipment, faced the challenge of upgrading their “zero-discharge” steam bay. The logistics and rapid implementation were paramount, given the sheer volume of vehicles and equipment they managed.


  • Needed to upgrade “zero-discharge” steam bay for a large fleet.


  • Installed the BioJac™ BR55 unit with a recirculation water box.
  • System equipped with aeration and recirculation, ensuring odor-free pre-wash water.
  • Added features for efficient rinse water usage.
GreenEdge Technologies enhanced Milton CAT North Reading's water system with a BioJac™ BR55.1, ensuring quality water treatment.

Milton CAT (Milford, MA)

Location: Milford, MA

The existing water reclaim system, designed with Electro-Coagulation (EC), failed to address the pressing issues of oil and odor buildup. It reached a critical point where even the office environment was affected. With organic matter accumulation in the closed-loop water storage system, the challenge was to rectify the problem while preserving office harmony.


  • Existing water system couldn't handle odor.
  • Offices affected by oil and odor buildup.


  • Installed two BioJac™ BR165 bio-reactors.
  • Continuous water recirculation through BioJac™ system, ensuring odor-free gray water.
GreenEdge Technologies enhanced Milton CAT North Reading's water system with a BioJac™ BR55.1, ensuring quality water treatment.

Milton CAT (North Reading, MA)

Location: North Reading, MA

The newest facility of Milton CAT was quickly overwhelmed. With wastewater storage tanks that were under-designed for their needs, heavy degreasing tasks, and daily floor cleaning wastewater, the original system was woefully inadequate. Every day presented a massive inflow of water, making quality and efficient treatment paramount.


  • Under-designed wastewater storage tanks
  • Heavy degreasing and additional wastewater from service floor cleaning.


  • Upgraded the catch basin system; installed a BioJac™ BR55.1.
  • Implemented supply and recirculating filter systems for better water quality.
GreenEdge Technologies upgraded Pyne Sand And Stone's filtration with a BioJac™ BR55.1 system, optimizing water treatment.

Pyne Sand and Stone

Location: Douglas, MA

A heavy-duty operation involving mining combined with regular fleet maintenance presented unique challenges. Constant earth and stone debris mixed with the water, complicating the treatment process. The old system's inefficiencies coupled with looming upgrade costs pushed the client to seek a more efficient and cost-effective solution.


  • Wrestling with an old filtration system.
  • Facing heavy cleaning and upgrade expenses.


  • Upgraded the client's catch basin system and installed an aeration grid.
  • Introduced a compact and efficient BioJac™ BR55.1 system.
GreenEdge Technologies designed a mobile BioJac™ BR55 system for RH White Auburn, ensuring efficient water treatment with relocation flexibility.

RH White (Auburn, MA)

Location: Auburn, MA

As winter approached, the construction division aimed to prepare its heavy equipment fleet for the next season. Their wash bay stations were due for an upgrade, but with a potential move on the horizon, they needed a solution that combined efficiency with mobility. This unique requirement called for innovative thinking and strategic planning.


  • Required wash bay upgrade with potential future relocation in mind.


  • Entire treatment plant designed inside a storage container.
  • Added a prefabricated BioJac™ BR55 bioreactor package.
  • System provided all standard GreenEdge Water Treatment benefits, plus complete mobility.
GreenEdge Technologies crafted a portable containerized system for RH White Bow, ensuring seamless operations with future moves in mind.

RH White (Bow, NH)

Location: Bow, NH

In a move to expand their operations to another state, the decision to replicate their successful water treatment system was a no-brainer. Crafting a portable yet efficient system was the objective, ensuring that their operations could continue smoothly while keeping future relocations in mind.


  • No existing problem; proactive approach.


  • Designed a containerized system for portability.
  • Built a full treatment facility inside a storage container for maximum mobility.
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