GreenEdge Technologies provides water reclamation solutions with our BioJac™ for commercial car washes and industrial wash bays.

Shaping the Future of Water Reclaim with GreenEdge BioJac™

Advanced Microbial Technology - Bio Work Best!

Born out of a quest to provide genuine and effective solutions for water reclamation, our innovative GreenEdge BioJac™ System defies conventional methods, turning challenges into opportunities for businesses worldwide.


Experience Efficiency with Our Advanced Water Reclaim System

Founded by Chris Morrissey in 2002, this system runs 365, 24/7, continuously cleaning and converting wastewater into odor-free reusable, water.

Chris Morrissey is the owner of GreenEdge Technologies, a water reclamation company offering advanced systems for car washes and wash bays.Chris Morrissey is the owner of GreenEdge Technologies, a water reclamation company offering advanced systems for car washes and wash bays.

Advantages of BioJac™ Systems:

  • 70% - 80% Water Reclamation
  • Reliable, Steady Stream of Pre-Wash Water
  • Fast, Easy, One-Day Installation
  • Absolutely No Foul Odor - Unlike Other Technologies
  • Minimal Maintenance - Just Add Microbial Booster
  • Completely Scalable - Grows With You
GreenEdge Technologies is a water reclamation company providing water reclaim systems tailored for car washes and wash bays.

Ready to Revolutionize your Wastewater Management?

Take the first step toward an eco-friendly, cost-effective future with the GreenEdge BioJac™ System. Don't let wastewater challenges hold back your business.

Unlock the potential of bioremediation today!


GreenEdge Technologies BioJac™ System

Welcome to GreenEdge Technologies, where we've set out to redefine water reclamation.

We noticed a significant challenge in the 'green' technology sector—many existing greywater recycling systems were either partially or entirely failing. Owners and operating directors consistently dealt with water with unpleasant odors or malfunctioning systems.

Our goal was clear—creating a water reclamation system that works. GreenEdge spent years speaking with clients, engineers, and service managers, researching the best water reclaim solutions.

The result is our unique, efficient, and effective bioremediation program for cleaning greywater.


Introducing The GreenEdge Water Reclaim Program

The GreenEdge Greywater Recycling Program includes three critical services, forming our unique "Green Key."

  • First, we provide the expertise & technology to implement an effective bioremediation system that efficiently and effectively cleans wastewater.
  • Second, we utilize our extensive chemistry know-how to ensure consistent results.
  • Third, we offer environmental maintenance solutions customized to meet your specific needs.

Each element works harmoniously to provide a superior, green solution to your wastewater concerns.


Harnessing Microorganisms For Cleaner Water

But what exactly is bioremediation?

In contrast to traditional mechanical filtration systems that rely on filters and other outdated technology, bioremediation utilizes living microorganisms—"microbes"—that feed on soaps, oils, grease, and all forms of organic matter.

These microbes consume the carbon found in waste materials and release oxygen and water. The result is clean, odor-free wastewater. This treated water can be reused repeatedly for the "pre-wash" process in vehicle washing operations.

Welcome to a sustainable, eco-friendly approach to wastewater management.

GreenEdge Technologies is a water recycling company delivering reclaim water systems for both car washes and wash bays.