GreenEdge Technologies provides water reclamation solutions with our BioJac™ for commercial car washes and industrial wash bays.

We Reclaimed 80-90% of Water Needed to Operate Their Car Washes

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Experience how we empowered car wash facilities to reclaim 80-90% of the water needed to operate, eliminate troublesome odors, and ensure a steady supply of reusable water.

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My old system only reclaimed 30% of the wash water, and there was always a significant problem with odor. The BioJac™ system provides a continuous stream of odor-free reclaim water and has allowed me to reclaim up to 90% of my wash water. I only use fresh water to rinse.

Nick Vercollone
Briteway Car Wash
Norwell, MA
GreenEdge Technologies revitalized Briteway Car Wash's water management by introducing the dual BioJac™ platform, achieving 80-90% water reclaim and eradicating odor issues.

Briteway Car Wash

Location: Norwell, MA

Situated in the bustling town of Norwell, Briteway Car Wash had a reputation of excellence, often processing over a thousand vehicles a day. However, behind the scenes, the water management system was in shambles and odor issues plagued the facility.


  • Outdated carbon and ozone water filtration system.
  • Only 30% of pre-wash water recycled.
  • Strong, unpleasant odor throughout the facility.


  • Dual BioJac™ platform for better organic material processing.
  • Trench drain and in-ground tank systems redesigned.
  • Installed aeration grid for odor-free stored water.
  • Achieved 80-90% water reclaim for facility operations.
GreenEdge Technologies equipped Enterprise in Merrimack with a BR55T1200 and a BioJac™ BR55, addressing wastewater disposal challenges and ensuring water clarity.

Enterprise Rent-a-Car

Location: Merrimack, MA

Venturing into new terrains, Enterprise in Merrimack was constructing a new facility. While they had access to a sewer, local regulations posed a unique challenge for wastewater disposal from their busy vehicle wash process.


  • New construction site.
  • Washing of 30-50 vehicles daily.
  • Local restrictions against discharging wash wastewater into the sewer.


  • Installed a BR55T1200 on the wash bay floor.
  • Assisted with catch basin and sump pump station setup.
  • Used one BioJac™ BR55 to maintain water clarity and prevent odors.
  • Stored excess wastewater separately for non-hazardous disposal.
GreenEdge Technologies rejuvenated Enterprise Chelmsford's wash bay with a BioJac™ BR55.1, enhancing water reclamation and eliminating odors.

Enterprise Rent-a-Car (Chelmsford, MA)

Location: Chelmsford, MA

Operating a national car rental and sales service, Enterprise in Chelmsford encountered significant issues with their existing wash bay. The desire for a more sustainable water solution collided with the reality of a malfunctioning and smelly system.


  • Existing wash bay had strong odors and operational issues.
  • Desire to reclaim more "Pre-Wash" water with existing infrastructure.


  • Upgraded catch basin system.
  • Introduced aeration grid in in-ground tank system.
  • Installed a BioJac™ BR55.1 with control panel and filtration system.
GreenEdge Technologies collaborated with Haffner's Car Wash to achieve 90% water reclaim using a dual BioJac™ System, adhering to "zero-discharge" regulations.

Haffner’s Car Wash

Location: Littleton, MA

Haffner's Car Wash in Littleton was a "zero-discharge" facility operating in an environment with stringent regulations. Faced with the challenge of not discharging wastewater into the sewer or the ground, they required a solution that was both effective and compliant.


  • Facility is "zero-discharge" with no wastewater discharge options.
  • Needed high-quality recycled water for pre-wash and chemical processes.


  • Set up a four-chamber system to store 4,000 gallons of pre-wash water.
  • Water recirculated through a dual BioJac™ Water System.
  • Collaborated with Simoniz to optimize chemical balance.
  • Achieved 90% water reclaim, no odor, and very low Total Dissolved Solids (TDS).
GreenEdge Technologies is a water recycling company delivering reclaim water systems for both car washes and wash bays.