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Environmental Projects

Environmental protections is an important issue for businesses and the municipalities where they are located. GreenEdge can help significantly reduce your business’ environmental impact. We have solutions that can help reduce organic build-up in ponds and storm water systems, break down oils, grease, and more, significantly reduce grey water odor, and more.

Keep you local environment clean by turning hazardous water non-hazardous with GreenEdge BioJac™ Technology. It will enhance any operational platform due to its ease, cleanliness and ability to work 24/7. A BioJac™ system is easy to maintain and produces amazing results because the technology is always working to remediate pollution rather than simply masking the problem!

Hot Markets Screen Printing

Location: Braintree, MA

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Pilot Program for Commercial Air Remediation and Cleaning

THE PROBLEM: Busy printing business in the Boston area plagued by the build-up of foul air from the inks and chemicals used in the screen-printing process.

THE GREENEDGE SOLUTION: Install a BR55 Air Cleaning Bioreactor in the center of the manufacturing floor. A single BR55, recirculating water within the reactor, will attract and consume odor-causing organic material within a 40-foot area. The BioJac™ air system dramatically reduced the odor on and off for a six-month trial period. Yet the system continuously became overwhelmed by the amount of pollution in the air and it was decided a much larger system was needed. The project moved beyond the financial scope of the business and since space on the factory floor was already limited it was decided to discontinue the pilot program.

Sun Life Financial

Location: Wellesley, MA

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Storm Water Retention Pond Restoration and Management

THE PROBLEM: Large corporate office building and campus needed to address the retention pond that collected storm water from the parking areas and storm drains. The man-made pond was installed to act as a buffer for waste storm water leaving the property on its way to a sensitive river system. The pond water system was to be inspected and maintained every five years. The problem was that over those years an enormous amount of decaying organic matter and debris began building up in the pond. This was primarily due to the large wooded areas surrounding the pond as well as the sand and debris entering the system from the drain system. When the decision was made to drop the water levels down and clean the debris from the pond it was quickly realized that the project was going to be disruptive, time-consuming and expensive. In some areas, there was five feet of organic muck that had to be dried and physically removed with heavy equipment.

THE GREENEDGE SOLUTION: As the pond cleaning project was winding down GreenEdge was asked to come up with a proposal to avoid the problems that were recently made so evident. Clearly, a better management program was needed. But what to do? GreenEdge suggested a bio-based organics reduction system. A system of maintenance that would help to accelerate the natural organic biodegradation within the ponds existing ecosystem.

While the pond was clean and before water was allowed to flow back into the system GreenEdge installed a grid of aeration diffusers at the base of the pond. The aeration lines were connected to a series of very quiet air generators which would provide a predetermined and consistent amount of soluble air into the pond water. The pond is then “seeded”, throughout the year, with an all-natural enzyme pellet. The pellets work with the air to accelerate the biological breakdown of the organic material gathering at the bottom of the pond. A survey was performed six years after the cleaning, and it was determined that very little muck had built back up into the pond system.

The Boston Globe

Location: Taunton, MA

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Pilot Program for Commercial Publishing Facility

THE PROBLEM: Large commercial publishing business collects wastewater from its machinery maintenance program. Wastewater is collected from the cleaning process and contaminated with heavy metals and disruptive levels of oily waste. Organic material from ink and soap also build-up in the wastewater.

THE GREENEDGE SOLUTION: Collected and stored wastewater into a three chamber water tank column supported by two BR55 BioJac™ bioreactors and a extensive aeration system. As the contaminated fluid moves through the water columns the highly aerated and bio-rich water will hyper-accelerate the bio-degradation process causing the organic levels to deplete precipitously. Also, as the wastewater moves through the BioJac™ reactors a degree of oxidation will have a positive effect on the soluble metals. First round of testing proved a 92.5% reduction in organic material and a significant reduction in soluble metals. Pilot Program is ongoing.

Residential Septic Systems

Location: Wardsboro, VT

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Pilot Program for Residential Septic System

THE PROBLEM: The resident of a property wishes to convert space in an existing barn into offices. Because the property is in a mountainous area with very little leachable terra firma and current requirements demand that a large mound-style leaching field is installed at the end of the system. The owner is perturbed by the thought of a large and unsightly mound of earth in his field and the cost for the mound is exorbitant.

THE GREENEDGE SOLUTION: Upgrade the septic storage tank into a small, yet aggressive, bio-system. Adding an aeration grid with a consistent supply of specialized enzymes will dramatically degrade the organic material within the tank in order to achieve an organics rate of less than 30g/ml. The Pilot Program is ongoing.