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Industrial Wash Bay Projects

We have extensive experience with industrial wash bays. We help you recycle and reuse water contaminated with a variety of different compounds including soap, grease, oils, and more. Whether you need a current system retrofitted or a new system, we can provide the best solution to your problem.

JG Grant Scrap Metal

Location: Readville, MA


THE PROBLEM: Steam Bay needed major upgrades in very busy Boston scrap metal Zero-Discharge facility. Existing evaporator was in bad shape and replacement cost was astronomical.

THE GREENEDGE SOLUTION: GreenEdge looked at the entire operation and made suggestions on pad upgrades as well as the installation of a BioJac Water System to replace the outdated and defunct evaporator. GreenEdge explained that evaporation equipment is not only expensive but projects the wrong image for any corporation wishing to expand its sustainable profile. Evaporators use tons of costly, dirty energy to, in essence, produce refined Hazardous Waste. Then you have to manage the Waste produced by the expensive equipment. It makes no sense.

A GreenEdge BioJac Water System will reclaim and store 1500 gallons of pre-wash water for continuous reuse. The Grant system remediates all the oils from the water rendering the entire system non-hazardous!! Any extra wastewater produced from the rinse cycle is disposed of by the local septic company. Because the wash bay water is heated through the power washer, and the wash bay is outside, evaporation takes care of most of the extra water.

Hillview Equipment

Location: Milford, MA

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Heavy Equipment Leasing and Sales

THE PROBLEM: The Client’s Operations Director has a long history in innovative environmental support systems, so he understood the benefits of a good bio-based water treatment program. He contacted a local engineering firm to design his wash bay water reclamation system and immediately knew that the system wasn’t going to work. The main problem was the odor. The in-ground tank water would only last a few days before it would begin to smell and become unusable. The problem was critical. The new wash bay facility had just recently been constructed and the staff depended on this steam bay being in service twelve hours a day.

THE GREENEDGE SOLUTION: The Operations Director contacted GreenEdge and we made a very good presentation. But this Manager had been burned once before, so GreenEdge agreed to partner with this company to do a Bio-treatment Pilot Program. GreenEdge agreed to upgrade the existing system with an enhanced aeration system and a BR55 “BioJac™” bioreactor. We agreed on a two-month trial period. Three weeks later we were called onto the site. The Check for the GreenEdge System was pinned to the door. The Manager didn’t need to see any more! He knew what he got was working and that his problem was solved.

LEI Landscape Corp

Location: Boylston, MA

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Urban Commercial Landscaping Company

THE PROBLEM: Large Landscape company with hundreds of fleet vehicles and landscape equipment needs to upgrade “zero-discharge” steam bay.

THE GREENEDGE SOLUTION: GreenEdge Installed the BioJac BR55 unit with the recirculation water box. The entire system arrived on-site in pieces and was installed in a little over a day. The 3-chamber tank system (1500gallons) is fully loaded with aeration and recirculation systems and ready to go. A catch basin basket was installed at the end of the trench drain to filter out grass, sand and gravel. The BioJac Water System recirculates 24/7 ensuring a consistent stream of odor free pre-wash water. An electric valve was installed to allow the technicians to move from pre-wash and knock-down water to freshwater rinse automatically. A timer was placed into the rinse system to ensure that only a small amount of fresh rinse water is used.

Milton CAT

Location: Milford, MA

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Heavy Equipment Leasing and Sales

THE PROBLEM: Existing water reclaim system was an Electro-Coagulation (EC) based system that was unable to stabilize the odor in the storage tanks. Oil and odor built-up to a point where the offices were being affected. Classic case of organic matter building-up in a closed-loop water storage system.

THE GREENEDGE SOLUTION: The engineers said this could not be done! GreenEdge installed two enormous BR165-BioJac™ bio-reactors. These reactors, what we call, “BIG JAC” are installed in a fashion that allows 45 gallons of water to run through each reactor every minute. The water in the storage tanks is continuously recirculating through the giant BioJac™ system. Organic matter from soaps, grease and oils are continuously remediated leaving odor free and gray water in the storage tanks for reuse in the pre-wash process. Excess rinse water evaporates away.

Milton CAT

Location: North Reading, MA

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Heavy Equipment Leasing and Sales

THE PROBLEM: The project was difficult because the engineers had under-designed the wastewater storage tanks. As the new facility became inundated with work the wash bay water systems came under pressure. Heavy degreasing was being performed every day and the original system simply did not work. Also, the shop floor was cleaned each night with an electric floor scrubber. The wastewater from the service floors had to be discharged into the tanks also! That is an enormous amount.

THE GREENEDGE SOLUTION: GreenEdge began by upgrading the clients catch basin system and installing an aeration grid within the existing open pit design. A single BioJac™ BR55.1 was all that was needed. The entire package came on a single waterproof skid with a control panel and supply side filtration system. Operational in 24 hours. The scarcity of water storage meant that although the BioJac™ prevented odor, the quality of the water needed more attention. GreenEdge installed filter housings within the supply and recirculating systems. This ensured a better quality of water but increased the maintenance cost due to the fact that the filter bags must be changed each week.

Pyne Sand and Stone

Location: Douglas, MA

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Mining and Heavy Equipment Company

THE PROBLEM: The client had been wrestling with an old filtration system for years. When they were again confronted with an enormous cleaning and upgrade invoice they had enough and contacted GreenEdge. The mining aspect of this project concerned us because, at times, a large amount of earth and stone fall onto the wash bay floor. These operational actions are combined with heavy equipment degreasing and fleet maintenance.

THE GREENEDGE SOLUTION: GreenEdge began by upgrading the client catch basin system and installing an aeration grid within the existing in-ground tank system located under the wash bay floor. A single BioJac™ BR55.1 was all that was needed. The entire package came on a single waterproof skid with a control panel and supply side filtration system. Operational in 24 hours! The client could not believe the size of the GreenEdge system. Their previous water reclamation system took up half the shop floor.

RH White

Location: Bow, NH

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Construction Company Satellite Operation

THE PROBLEM: In this instance, there was no problem. Everyone knew exactly what to do in this scenario.

THE GREENEDGE SOLUTION: When one of our clients decided to expand into another State the decision was made to design and build another containerized system. The entire project was built at the parent company’s facility and then, when the container project construction was finished, the unit was shipped up to the northern satellite location. The benefits and ease of the portable unit were as equally compelling as the original project.

RH White

Location: Auburn, MA

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Build Company with Construction Division

THE PROBLEM: The construction Division of this company will take all of its heavy equipment off the road for the winter. During these months an equipment triage and service program is run to make certain that the fleet is ready for use in the Spring. The company wanted to upgrade its wash bay stations but feared that one day they might wish to leave the property. Their engineers wanted a water management system that was powerful, yet portable.

THE GREENEDGE SOLUTION: GreenEdge designed an entire treatment plant inside a standard 80’L X 8’W X 8.5”H Storage Container. The container was provided by the client. GreenEdge designed and manufactured a special rectangular, three chamber, polly tank system that slipped nicely into the container for maximum water storage. GreenEdge then added a prefabricated BR55 “BioJAc™” bioreactor package. This included aeration, recirculation and supply systems. The client added its own hot water power washer system to the container and later lighting and heat were added to complete the project. The System has all the benefits of a standard GreenEdge Water Treatment plant with the added benefit of complete mobility.