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Commercial Car Wash Projects

Commercial car washes may encounter several scenarios in which they need to recycle and reuse potentially hazardous water. For example, maybe the municipality you are located in does not permit water run through the car wash to be emptied into the sewer system. Or maybe you would just like to conserve as much water as possible. GreenEdge’s BioJac™ technology can be used to solve these problems and many more that may affect your dealership.

Briteway Car Wash

Location: Norwell, MA

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Car Wash Tunnel with 1000+ Vehicles Daily

THE PROBLEM: Car wash tunnel, which at times, would process upwards of 1000 vehicles in a day, needed a new water management system. The old carbon and ozone water filtration system was in disrepair, and it would be very expensive to fix. The system only recycled about 30 percent of the pre-wash water and had, over the years, developed a horrible odor throughout the facility.

THE GREENEDGE SOLUTION: GreenEdge created a dual BioJac platform to meet the demands of such high vehicle numbers. A thousand cars will release an enormous amount of organic material into the water storage column. A dual BioJac system increases surface area greatly and will allow the system to generate enough healthy microbes to keep up with the organics. GreenEdge reworked the trench drain and in-ground tank systems in a way that concentrates the sand in the trench. We then added an extensive aeration grid to the tanks so the stored water remains odor free and ready for reuse. The system will reclaim 80-90 percent of the water needed to operate the facility. The owners are so please they ordered another BioJac System for their other car wash!

Enterprise Rent-a-Car

Location: Chelmsford, MA

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: National Car Rental and Sales with Wash Bay

THE PROBLEM: Existing Zero Discharge Facility Wash Bay desperately needs to upgrade. Old system produced horrible odor and never seemed to work properly. The client desired to reclaim as much wash bay “Pre-Wash” water as possible using the existing catch basin and underground Tank array.

THE GREENEDGE SOLUTION: GreenEdge began by upgrading the clients catch basin system and installing an aeration grid within the existing in-ground tank system located under the wash bay floor. A single BioJac™ BR55.1 was all that was needed. The entire package came on a single waterproof skid with control panel and supply side filtration system. Operational in 24 hours!

Enterprise Rent-a-Car

Location: Merrimack, MA

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: National Car Rental and Sales with Wash Bay

THE PROBLEM: New Construction. Busy vehicle rental company needed to wash 30-50 vehicles per day. Site location had access to the sewer but the municipality did not want wastewater from the vehicle wash process discharged into the sanitary sewer.

THE GREENEDGE SOLUTION: Installed a BR55T1200 on wash bay floor. The system arrived in pieces and was installed on-site in one day. Since this was new construction GreenEdge was able to help with the catch basin and sump pump station. Water from wash bay is transferred from catch basin to the GreenEdge prefabricated three chamber water treatment plant. One BioJac BR55 was installed to ensure wash bay water remained clear and odor free for reuse in the pre-wash process. Freshwater is used to rinse. Overburden (extra wastewater) is stored in a special tank for eventual disposal as non-hazardous wastewater.

Haffner’s Car Wash

Location: Littleton, MA

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Zero-Discharge Car Wash Tunnel with Power Washers

THE PROBLEM: This facility is “Zero-Discharge”, it has no access to sanitary sewer, nor can wastewater be injected into the ground. A system had to be found that would reclaim for reuse all the pre-wash water. The quality of the recycled water had to be high enough to use the reclaimed water in all the pre-wash system as well as the water managing the chemical feed process.

THE GREENEDGE SOLUTION: GreenEdge installed a four-chamber system to store four thousand gallons of pre-wash water. All water as transferred from the trench of the car wash tunnel to these tanks. GreenEdge maintained a consistent column of reusable water by recirculation the pre-wash water through a duel “BioJac” Water System. GreenEdge also worked with Simoniz to balance the chemical process to maximize the effectiveness of the bio-process. The result is a consistent column of stored pre-wash water to reuse in the car wash tunnel. This facility reclaims 90 percent of the wash water, no odor and very low TDS.