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Auto Dealership Projects

Auto Dealerships may encounter many different scenarios in which they need to recycle and reuse potentially hazardous water. For example, maybe your dealership doesn’t have the proper sewer access needed or you have a car wash that needs to reuse water. GreenEdge’s BioJac™ technology can be used to solve these problems and many more that may affect your dealership. Recent projects are listed below.

Lexus of Northborough

Location: Northborough, MA

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Car Dealership with Car Wash Tunnel

THE PROBLEM: Dealership washes 100-200 vehicles daily. The facility has a Zero Discharge Restriction. Ozone system fails after several years in service. In-ground tank water so odorous that the smell is leaching into Sales Area and Offices. Pre-wash water is unusable. The service drains, which accepted the waste floor water, discharged directly into the car wash tunnels storage tanks.

THE GREENEDGE SOLUTION: GreenEdge began by upgrading the clients catch basin system and installing an aeration grid within the existing in-ground tank system located under the parking area along the car wash tunnel. Three BioJac™ reactors were installed on the mezzanine above the Mechanical room. The car wash tunnels in-ground tank system held 7,000gallons of water. With proper aeration and three BioJac™ reactors installed in-line GreenEdge was able to overcome the problem of organic build-up.

McGovern Buick GMC

Location: Westborough, MA

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Car Dealership with Car Wash Bay

THE PROBLEM: Busy Dealership Group purchases facility with no access to sewer or leach field. Only a small 800 gallon tight tank to service wastewater from service area and single car wash pad.

THE GREENEDGE SOLUTION: A GreenEdge single BR55 “BioJac” bioreactor serves to remediate the water stored in the in-ground tank. An aeration grid was added to the storage tank and water is consistently recirculated through the BioJac. All potentially hazardous materials entering the wastewater column are broken down into their base elements, Carbon, Water, CO2 and Oxygen. The result is Wastewater can now be managed as a waste industrial water at a much lower cost, environmental liability is significantly reduced and stored bio-water remains odor free.

Prestige Mini Cooper

Location: Wappinger Falls, NY

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Car Dealer with Dual Wash Bays and a Hand Wash Bay with Power Washers

THE PROBLEM: New Dealer erected onto site with no sewer access. Client wanted to reclaim as much wastewater as possible for use in the pre-wash process. All extra water would be guided into an in-ground tight tank for eventual disposal. Service drain wastewater would have to be remediated of all hydrocarbons if wastewater was to be managed as a non-hazardous waste stream.

THE GREENEDGE SOLUTION: Because this was new construction GreenEdge was able to help with the design go the drainage and catch basin systems, as well as the in-ground storage tanks. GreenEdge installed a standard BR55T1200 bio-system located on top of a mezzanine covering the wash bay pad. The catch basin was built with the ability to install a de-mucking filtration bag which the technicians change out every month. The wastewater from the vehicles flows through and is pumped to the prefabricated three chamber tank system on the mezzanine. The BioJac BR55 recirculates stored water 24/7 ensuring a consistent odor free source of pre-wash water for the wash bay.

Service Department Wastewater from the floors was directed away from the car wash water into a separate in-ground tank. GreenEdge installed aeration grid in the tank. As the extra rinse water, from the vehicle wash process, accumulated in the three chamber BioJac System it flows into the wastewater storage tanks in the ground. Since this water is “Bio Rich”, meaning the water still has plenty of hydrocarbon eating microbes in solution, the extra wastewater is recycled again to remediate any solution collected from washing the service bays floors.